Thursday, July 29, 2010

11: freezer cooking – day 2

Today I was much more successful at checking a few things off of my list. My mom came over and tidied and de-cluttered the house while I stayed in the kitchen and got some things done.

I’ve gotten a bit off track and am no longer keeping my days relegated to specific types of meals, so today’s recipes are a bit of a smorgasbord of casseroles, staples, meats and soups.

Here we go!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Lately I’ve been modifying this soup to be more vegetarian with the option of adding whatever meat y0u have on hand when reheating. This way I can have things a little different each time, and as well it’ll help me use up other leftovers from the fridge. A little taco meat or some BBQ’d chicken or pork would be a great match to this soup! As well, with a full can of black beans in the mix, it’s already pretty high in protein and fibre, so it doesn’t even need meat if you’re so inclined. Did you know that you can reduce the sodium in canned beans by around 41% if you drain and rinse them until the water runs clear before using them? A lot quicker than soaking and cooking beans myself before making a pot of soup!

Chicken Spaghetti

A Pioneer Woman recipe. I usually add some extra green pepper and use olives in place of the pimentos (the jars of pimentos are surprisingly expensive so I figured I might as well use pimento stuffed olives!). I also used a can of cream of broccoli soup in place of one of the cans of mushroom soup this time around.

tomato mac and cheese

Tomato Mac ‘n Cheese

I LOVE sharp cheddar cheese and this recipe has 3 CUPS of the extra old white cheddar cheese in it. Yum! The addition of tomatoes makes it slightly less rich and seem to complement the cheese really nicely.

Chipotle Burgers

Just a burger recipe from Our Best Bites with a little kick. They’ve got a mayo recipe to top it off when they’re fresh from the BBQ!



A recipe from SnoWhite’s blog and recommended by Lucy. Sometimes simple is better, and this granola recipe definitely falls in that category! I’m one that gets tired of eating the exact same thing over and over, so the ability to change it up with different fruits and nuts each time make it extra appealing. I love some plain yogurt with granola and fruit. Yummy!

muffin mix

Muffin Mix

One of my Make-a-Mix recipes. Similar to the muffin mixes you can get in the store, you just add the wet ingredients and you can enjoy fresh, warm muffins in around 20 minutes. The nice thing about this recipe is that I can throw in a cup of whatever fruit I have on the counter getting a little over ripe. Right now I’m thinking some peach muffins would be a great choice! It keeps for 6-8 months, so its easy to make a large batch ahead of time and always have it ready in the morning.

taco seasoning

Taco Seasoning

Another one of my Make-a-Mix cookbook recipes, this one is super quick to make and keeps for a long time. Considering the cost of the single serving packets at the grocery store, this one is cheap to make and has none of the preservatives or other chemicals the packets have.

Only one more day to go of this craziness. Wish me luck!


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