Saturday, June 5, 2010

65: yard sale finds


Today was a funny day for yard sale-ing. It had rained for most of the night so many of the sales weren’t running, and a few had popped up with no advertising. I found a couple on kijiji and our local paper’s website, and I stopped by those that claimed they were multi-family or contents sales. Most of them were pretty disappointing, however one sale I found had a multitude of baby clothes, as well as some cute home decor items. I dug through the totes of clothes until I found some great items that will fit her for the next year.


The rain and overcast skies have also made it difficult to capture some good pictures of the clothing. Hopefully the photos I took below give you a general idea of some of my finds of the day!



Onesies were a dollar each, so I picked up 4 that had cute patterns or phrases on the front. They range in size from 0-6 months.

dress 0-3 mos

Also a dollar, this little dress is a bit longer, so it’ll be a great cover up when she’s a newborn!

skirt and top 3 mos

This one was a little more at $5 for the outfit, but the little skirt is so adorable, and she’ll be able to wear it (hopefully) right up to winter with some leggings on.


crocheted bunting 6 mos

Just a simple knit bunting bag, I got this for $3 and it will be fantastic when we’re out for walks in the fall and snuggling in her sling in the winter.

jeans and sweater 3-6 mos

This one is sized at 0-3 months for the sweater and 3 months for the pants, so I’m hoping it will fit her in the fall/early winter. It was $5.

pea coat 6-9 mos

My favourite baby item of the day (but unfortunately a really crappy photo), but it’s a little fleece pea coat that is sized 6-9 months. Hopefully she’ll be able to wear it in the winter and into the spring. $4!


white dress 6-9mos

I LOVE this little dress. It has eyelet lace for little cap sleeves and for the tiers on the skirt – it’s sized 6-9 months, but I’m hoping it’ll fit her around Christmas time so we can have some family photos taken with it. $3

hearts outfit 6-12 mos

$4 for the outfit – we’re hoping to head to Florida for a week in the spring, so this would be nice for her to wear if it’s warm enough (and a good cover up for her legs!)

spring jacket 6 mos

She won’t be walking or splashing around in puddles at 6-12 months, but I thought this little rain jacked was so cute, and it’s lined so it’ll be nice on walks when she’s sitting up in the spring! $4

Summer (1 year!) dots 6-12 mos

We will definitely have to save this one for next summer because of the size, but I loved the shirt and the little capris and the lady found a little bandana that matches. $5.

flower shirt 12 mos

This one has a great pattern on it, and it will be nice and loose for next summer to keep her covered up in the sun without getting too warm. $3.

Lastly, I also picked up this cute lighthouse lantern at the sale. I’m not 100% sure where it’s going to go yet, but it is in great shape and has a nice patina to the finish.

lighthouse lantern

What did you find today?

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Sue said...

What sweet little baby clothes you found! Congrats on your pregnancy. I had a boy, so I couldn't do "frilly." LOL But boy, was that kid dressed in denim overalls/shortalls and cool shirts and jackets!
I love your little lantern- such a fun find. Could go in a powder room or on a bookshelf...

Charlotte said...

You should shop in South Carolina! One weekend all we found were baby things! Congratulations on the "new" baby. Is this your first?

Van said...

The lighthouse is a beautiful find- love it!

Isaac said...

It looks like you have a knack for finding stuff in yard sales. Are you ever sorry about getting something? Not because the price or because it is not nice, but rather because you cannot find the right place for it in your house? You can list all your unwanted items for sale online on - it's totally free. No fees, no commissions - you keep all the money.


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