Monday, June 28, 2010

42: prenatal preparation

belly 34 weeks

Tonight was my prenatal class at the hospital where I will be delivering and I got a chance to see the LDR rooms and the ‘cadillac’ tub I’ll be able to use when the contractions are at their worst (I’m doing a natural delivery).


I meant to take pictures of the rooms and features, however I was running late getting there after work and didn’t get a chance to stop at home for my camera.  I’ll have to take some photos when I’m there next week for preregistration.

One of the best moments of the prenatal class and tour was when the nurse was showing us the room and wanted a volunteer to show how the fetal monitor works.  No one was volunteering so I stepped forward and got to hear the baby’s heart beat (in front of around 10 people!).  She had been sleeping (or taking a rest from wrestling the her imbilical cord), however once they put that monitor and the cold gel on there she was moving around like crazy, and the majority of what you could here was this loud scratchy noise from her kicking at the monitor.  Love her.  They were recording it on the monitor, so I got to keep the little print out with her heart beat (no contractions picked up! lol).

I really didn’t learn anything new at the prenatal class.   I tend to over research things before taking the plunge and pregnancy and labour has been no different.  Also, because Craig wasn’t able to attend this class with me, we’ll be doing a more in depth class via videos from my midwife clinic once he’s back.  Due to the fact that I’m planning a natural delivery, I’m most interested in the comfort measures that can help ease the pains and speed up the process.

I’m feeling good about labour and delivery and am taking a ‘prepared but open to the unexpected’ attitude about it.  My biggest concern is making sure Craig feels prepared and that nothing about the process is scary or overwhelming for him.  Especially with him being over in Afghanistan, he hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to prepare for the delivery (or fatherhood for that matter) so we’ll take it a day at a time once he’s back and base our preparation on how he’s feeling.  Either way, we’re up for the challenge and exhilaration of it together.

We’re officially 34 weeks today and I discovered on the couch a few minutes ago that my belly button now sticks out when I’m sitting!  I will do a big update on the pregnancy this Friday when we hit 8 months.

Have a great night!


Mandi @ Finding Home said...

So incredibly exciting! I love that you were the brave one and got to hear your sweet girl.

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

And I also wanted to let you know how much I love the past Motherhood posts you've done. It's been so helpful to me to read them and see things that maybe I havne't thought of and things that also just get me very excited about progressing in my pregnancy.


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