Saturday, May 15, 2010

86: out on the town

Ignore the unclean carpet...

I'm sorry this is going out a little late tonight. I had the chance to attend the yearly Spring Ball held here at our base, and didn't want to pass up the opportunity to get out of the house for a fun night with some friends.

I had my hair cut today (in anticipation of the ball and of a hot summer!) and just wanted to show you my new cut and the pretty dress my friend lent me to wear. Then off to bed!

I asked for something around my shoulders that I could style easily but that would still have some body. The camera strap is kind of squashing it down on the right side, but you get the general idea. Sorry for the crappy photos - it's after midnight and my patience with adjusting shutter speed is diminished!

Sorry for the weird arms. I'm trying not to block the front of the dress. It was really pretty and really comfortable to wear for the night. I'm going to have trouble giving it back!

And a 28 week photo. Not a lot of change from 27 weeks!

Have a good night!

1 comment:

Lucy Marie said...

I do believe that dress was worn in my wedding :) Is it from Be?


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