Sunday, May 2, 2010

99: dressers, drawers and more

Welcome to day 99! We've broken the 3 digit mark and are now officially counting down!

I got a chance to get away to a weekend retreat with the women's ministry from our church the past few days, so I haven't gotten any big projects done (other than some serious decluttering of our home!). Today's post is just an update on what I've gotten done so far in the baby's room, and a heads up on some of the upcoming projects and features you'll see.

I painted an old dresser we had in our room, and lined the drawers with some pretty green paper to update it. I'm not really in love with it, but it meets all of our needs for now, and we only spent around $15 for the paint and lining.

Here it is in it's (ugly) original state.

And now that I've updated the colour, knobs, and filled it with cute baby stuff.

With the lining.

Right now it's only got onesies and the few diapering supplies we've got, but I'm sure by her arrival the rest of the drawers will be filled!

Here's the crib Craig set up before he left. It's got her bedding in there somewhere, but it's buried under all of the fabric and accessories I've bought for the space. Some of the projects that are upcoming with that fabric include a summer car seat cover, some baby slings, curtains for the room, and more.

I picked up a fun green carpet at IKEA the last time I was there - it adds a big punch of colour to the room.

Lastly, I went to a Mom2Mom sale with my mom a couple weeks ago and picked up some great gear for cheap. This portable swing just became available at Babies R Us in Canada for $99 and I found it for $35!
It's got a ceramic piggy bank and some weights in it. I was testing it!

Here's a bumbo chair we found for $20. We bought a bunch of other clothes and a Snugli baby carrier for Craig to use, as well as the bumbo, all for under what we would have paid retail for the chair. It was a great day!

I'll be back tomorrow, but here's a great post by Stephanie of Nie Nie Dialogues of a Guide for a Mother of a New Baby. Check it out!

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Lucy Marie said...

I think the dresser looks great!


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