Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby and Nursery Progress

I'm posting this a little later than I had hoped. Once we found out the sex of the baby, we actually had a bit of difficulty deciding on bedding and the colours for the room.

This week has been amazing for us. We had our second ultrasound on Monday and we got to see our little babe as it rolled around, and have a little peek at its little fingers and toes (all perfect!)

At my doctors appointment a few weeks ago, the heart beat was around 150, and on monday they recorded it at 152 bpm. Any guesses yet?

The ultrasound tech said that they were having some trouble getting all of the measurements because the baby was flipping over repeatedly. When she was showing us the various anatomy, the babe was lying on its back for a little while, then decided to flip over and show us its bum for the remainder. We saw a nice straight spine! (Craig has mild scoliosis).

My belly has done some growing as well. I'm not sure if I showed the picture that I took after our 12 week ultrasound, but I've included it below so you can see the difference the 7 weeks has made. The baby is supposedly almost 7 inches long now!

Not much of a belly yet at that point, just some bloat!

I actually think that last photo makes me look a little bigger than I am, but it's pretty representative. I think it was how I was turning to try and take the photo.

Anyways, I promised some shots of the nursery progress and the mood board.

You'll probably remember the the blue room as it was before...

We've gotten all of that stuff out of there, and either given away or moved out to storage, and now we have the space to paint the walls and begin moving the crib and other furniture in there.

Here's how the room is looking so far. We've gotten a coat of primer on the walls (yesterday) and we're trying to decide now if we need to put another coat of that on before we move on to the paint, or if it'll have muted the blue enough that the new colour should have good coverage.

Long before we found out what we are having, we'd decided to paint the room a neutral colour so that it would work for both a boy or girl, and then be stage-able as an office or 2nd bedroom when we're looking for a new house (which could be within the next year or so).

Anyways, to that mood board. I still think it's a pretty neutral colour palette and would work even if we have a surprise on the day of the birth.

Baby's Room

What do you think? Isn't that a pretty great room for a little GIRL!??

ETA: I forgot to mention that we found out at our March prenatal appointment that my doctor will be going on Sabbatical starting the 1st of March. I had contacted the Nottawasaga Midwives right after we found out we were expecting so that we could get our names on the list and meet with them when Craig got back from California at the end of February to find out if it was the right fit, and kind of forgot about it. I got an email from them last week saying that they had saved a spot for me and my august baby and wanted to know if I was still interested in the spot. Craig and I went in for an info appointment on wednesday and decided that it was the perfect option for us because of the pre and post natal support that they offer, considering Craig won't be around to provide that support. My first prenatal appointment with them is on the 1st of April. Exciting!


Mandi @ Finding Home said...

I was guessing a girl all along. How exciting!! I love the direction you are going with her room. So pretty. I've heard wonderful things about midwifery - even lived with a family for awhile and the mom was a midwife. I think it's the only way I'd want to go. So glad they had an available spot for you! God's timing, eh? So glad to hear that things are going well. Are you having any morning sickness or anything?

Lucy Marie said...

Congrats! A little girl ... how exciting! I love the bedding you picked out. It's so cute. I got in with the midwives here last week and go for my first appointment on Thursday. I'm excited. Evan is able to go with me, so he'll get to hear the heartbeat. I can't wait!


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