Tuesday, November 10, 2009

we remember

We in Canada are fiercely patriotic, although we may not always show it.

We are proud of our soldiers who fight oppression and ignorance, in wars we may not always understand.

They have signed a cheque to Canada for "up to and including my life" and we mourn when they have honoured that commitment.
When a soldier has given his life fighting overseas, we line the highway to honour him.

We stand on overpasses and bridges for the chance to show our appreciation for the ultimate sacrifice.

Some Canadians might not understand all that the Afghanistan mission entails. The news doesn't show the Mentorship and Liason Teams that work side by side with the Afghani people, helping their military to take over the operations in Afghanistan, fighting alongside them in battle. They don't show the Provincial Reconstruction Teams which travel the countryside working with the local townspeople to determine their needs, and hire Afghani workers to build schools, hospitals, and community centres, so that when the Taliban bomb them it is their hard work that is being destroyed, and they WILL take action themselves. All of this is empowerment in action.

Our Canadian soldiers are working every day to preserve the rights of the Afghani people. They are stepping in to help the weak, and to teach their leaders.

They are fighting for innocence.

Today, we honour the sacrifices that Canadians have been making for generations, and we look to the future with hope because they have paved the way for peace.

It has been said time and again, and may seem cliché, but our soldiers are fighting this war overseas so that our children, our future generations, don't have to. Let us pray that their work, that their sacrifice, is enough.


Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Such a moving tribute, we all need to remember those who sacrifice to keep us safe and free.

Lauren said...

Beautiful post =D.

The Happy Housewife said...

Wonderful post. It is nice to see it from another country's perspective. Beautiful.


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