Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 days late. My bad.

This probably should have gone up 2 days ago when I, um, promised I'd have it completed by. In actuality it could have been up in time, however I was hit by a lazy mood after I'd completed it, and I didn't feel like spending 20 minutes uploading the photos and writing a post.

This is really just phase 1 of the laundry room redo. I just need to get stuff off the floor and organized so that (A) I can use the space, and (B) I can see what needs to be done.

Now that this is completed, I'm on the hunt for some fun and sassy decor elements I can cram into that small space. If you have any ideas, let me know!

On to the photos.

It really doesn't look very different, does it? It's probably b/c all I did was clean it up and rearrange it. And add more stuff. At times this project seems solved only by moving to a bigger home.

A new dryer wouldn't hurt either.

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Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Girl, I think you are really working well with the space that you have! Isn't half the battle getting everything up off the floor and organized/picked up? Here's an idea: maybe cover the front of your shelving unit with fabric or something. I'd either tack it up with upholstery tacks or use a tension rod to hang the fabric up with. Just an idea!


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