Monday, August 17, 2009

A Week of Love & a Wild Wedding!

I apologize from the hiatus from posting this past week; Craig and I went away for a belated Anniversary weekend to Toronto, and then attended his cousin Meaghan's wedding yesterday. I'll be posting later about all of our adventures in Toronto, but for now I'd like to share some of the great images Craig and I caught of the wedding.

The venue for the wedding was a beautiful bed & breakfast called the Nestleton Watters Inn. If anyone is looking for a romantic spot for a weekend away, this would be a great choice. I took some photos of some of the details on the building, but mostly, it's of her and her lovely new life.
They were only engaged about 2 months ago, which was why this wedding took place on a Sunday, but it came together in a beautiful way, despite such quick planning!

Here was their head table before the Ceremony took place. I have another photo later of once the candles are lit later at night.
This is the outside of the Inn. I think it has 8 or 9 bedrooms in total, with 2 of them located above the garage.
Here are two of the chandeliers. I wish we had money in our budget for these kinds of purchases!

I didn't get a good shot of her walking down the aisle, so I'm posting photos from the kiss onwards.

Sorry for the crappy quality of this one, but I'm still learning on my camera! I think it does kind of capture their movement of walking down the aisle though (unintentionally of course).

I was annoying Craig all day because I was constantly taking photos of him, however this one was more an attempt to get my reflection in his sunglasses.

After the ceremony we walked out to the clearing to take some family photos.
I'm a sucker for veil shots.

Here is the other shot of the head table.

Meaghan has Celiac disease, so all of the food served at the wedding was Gluten and Dairy free. My tummy rejoiced at the thought of a dairy free meal, as I had forgotten my lactose pills at home for our weekend away. These cupcakes were DELICIOUS and completely celiac friendly.

Lastly, Craig's Dad & Stepmom were the only ones dancing for the YMCA song. Craig took great pleasure in getting some shots of it, and I couldn't help but share one here.
I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse at their day!

Tomorrow I'll post about our Anniversary weekend, so check back then!

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You got some great shots! Beautiful :)


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