Monday, October 8, 2012

8: time moves forward

It’s been 2 whole months. 

Since I carried him inside me.

Since I felt the first pangs of contractions.

Since we welcomed him wholeheartedly, though we were overwhelmed with grief.


People told me it could be difficult when people stopped asking about him, stopped coming around as time moved on.  As a mother, who is so so proud of the life she helped create and most afraid of that life being forgotten, it has been harder than I’d like to admit.

But time also makes things easier.  The way we miss him in the everyday and ache to share our life with him doesn’t seem to dim or change, but our broken hearts and the shock and pain of the sudden and unwanted separation is slowly being healed {by hands that have been broken themselves}.

I still have bad days. Bad hours.  I wonder on days like today what he would have been like, looked like.  We’d have added  a couple more dozen photos of him to the growing collection and spent time at the doctors getting his first shots. 

Instead we just remember him. Pray for him. Love him from afar.

And on a day that families gather with thankfulness on our minds, we are truly thankful to have had even a short glimpse at his life.

DSC03595 1

1 comment:

Shannon@sassysister said...

Ah honey I only stopped asking because I thought it bothered you.....i will never forget you kraig and your little e and most of all griffin or the first picture I seen of your sweet little man


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