Tuesday, September 11, 2012

emily’s fall wardrobe plan

Emily is small.  She’s only 31 inches tall, and weighs about 23.5lbs.  Small.  So it means that she’s been wearing a lot of the same clothing for a long time, since girlfriend was 17.5lbs at 6 months, and I’ve been adding bits and pieces here and there as the seasons have changed and she’s slowly outgrown or wrecked things.

DSC03744This is a dishtowel I used as a temporary apron, NOT a fall outfit! lol.

But FINALLY she seems to be hitting a growth spurt (although she will always be a shorty), and we’ve reached the end of our clothing supply.  I have some stuff that will work for the fall but there are some big gaps and I’d like to start approaching her clothing with more of a plan, so everything is mix-and-match, and her drawers aren’t overflowing with stuff she doesn’t wear.

Mama’s going shopping!  Anyways, here’s the plan I’m shopping with after I go through her closet and drawers and see what we’ve already got.  The colours I’m going for are navy, coral/pink, yellow and green.

6 dresses (4 casual, 2 dressy)

4 colourful skirts

5 jeans (3 blue, 2 coloured)

7 leggings (4 coloured, 3 jeggings)

5 colourful blouses

4 solid long sleeve shirts

7 footless pjs (one or two piece)

3 sweaters

2 sweatshirts

Accessories:  fall coloured tights, 1 fall hat, 1 scarf, fake uggs, big girl undies.


Any clothing items you can’t live without for your toddler?


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Hahah I LOOVE the headband as a belt!

and I've had SO MUCH FUN with Eme's wardrobe so far! Old navy's stuff is awesome. I can't live without a denim skirt for emeline, so we can wear tights or leggings and boots with it....a few plain long sleeved tops to go under some of her favorite tanks or short sleeves....and layers! cardigans, denim jacket, and can't forget a good pair of skinny jeans ;)

Lucy Marie said...

I am kind of where you're at. First time ever, I don't have a prestocked wardrobe for the upcoming season. I agree with Katie - jean skirt and Cardigans. I also stick to mostly long tops or tunics with leggings bc of the cloth diaper bubble butt (hopefully not for too many more months....) when and where are you shopping? I am thinking of hitting Joe on Thursday - seen anything great there? Also if you didn't get the thing in the mail... Old navy starts 30% off on Friday or Saturday.


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