Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the tooth of the matter

Emily in her Hawaiian Sun Dress 01 February 13th 2011The Day Before

I know I’ve been missing around here lately (due to a collision of sickness, teething, and a growth spurt) and a couple of big things have passed by (Valentine’s, Emily’s 6 month update, etc.) but before I get back into the swing of things, I wanted to give an urgent update.


My little baby? 


She has teeth.


Well one and a half teeth.  The first tooth has come through with a vengeance but there’s still a little bit of her other bottom tooth that’s snuggled under her gums and creating buckets of drool.  Not one to let a holiday pass by without a milestone, Emily sprouted her beautiful first tooth on her six month birthday, which also happened to fall on Valentine’s Day.  I think she’s just making it easy for her mama to remember the important days since I’ve been baaaad about writing it all down in her baby book. 

Also?  She’s already bit me after nursing with that little tooth of hers.  Yesssss.  I think I almost knocked her off my lap I sat up so fast.

Unfortunately, there are no photos yet as she hasn’t mastered the big TOOTHY grin, but as soon as I can capture a smile I’ll make sure it’s posted.


Also, experienced mamas?  Is it normal for her to get a white blister/big canker on the underside of her tongue right where her tooth is?  I figure it’s from nursing as she’s started crying in pain a bit while eating and she’s got a short frenulum, so her tongue doesn’t reach as far as it should.  Thoughts??

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