Friday, December 3, 2010

you couldn’t predict this

snow 2

I never in a million years could have predicted how I would feel as a mother.  I made guesses about how much I would fall in love with this little person, and I had small glimpses as I carried her inside of me and glowed with love and pride at every kick, but never knew.

Before Emily was born, Craig and I made a few guesses about what she would be like.  We pulled numbers from the air for her birth weight, analyzed our families for her hair and eye colour, and created proud dreams about what her future would hold.  And still, we never could have guessed how we would feel.  How full our hearts would feel every time she learns something new (the latest is blowing bubbles and making noise with her lips all.the.time).

bath Bathtime at 3.5 months

I don’t have the words to accurately describe how we feel, but I have a feeling parents out there will know the feeling; this indescribable love that GROWS. 

I do, however, have answers to some of those predictions we made many months ago.  Here’s a glimpse at what we both said (with actual facts in RED).



Weight (at birth): 8lbs 3oz  6lbs 11oz
Eye Colour: blue  RIGHT! (so far)
Hair Colour: blonde  Brown at birth, turning dark blonde
First words: dada
Favourite colour:  purple
Favourite sport:  soccer
Favourite subject (school):  science
Favourite hobby:  music
Future profession:  Teacher


Weight (at birth): 8lbs 13oz  6lbs 11oz  (Craig was wrong-er)
Eye Colour: Hazel   Blue
Hair Colour:Brunette    Brown at birth, turning dark blonde
First words: Icecream (kidding), I think it will be Momma
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite sport: Hockey or she's not my kid
Favourite subject (school): Gym, if that doesn't count then Geography with istory a close second
Favourite hobby: Arts and crafts
Future profession: Lawyer, because she'll probably have a need to argue like her Mother

snow 1 Her first snowfall!



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Mandi @ Finding Home said...

This post is just so precious. I can't believe how big she is getting. And gosh, I absolutely loved the photos too.


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