Friday, September 3, 2010

what I’ve learned…

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With tomorrow marking the 3 week mark for our little one, there are a few things I’ve learned about mothering and recovery that none of the books every told me.

1. Sometimes your baby will be latching perfectly and you’ll still have sore nipples. As in it feels like she is sucking shards of glass through them every time she latches on – good thing is the pain only lasts about 5-10 seconds then goes away. But that first little while you wince and curl your toes to get through it. This went away at around the 2 week mark, so hopefully breastfeeding will just be a smooth sail from here on out (until she sprouts teeth, gah!).

2. When it is hot out, a breastfeeding baby will feed more often to stay hydrated. A LOT more often. Yay for cool Fall weather!

3. Some babies need motion all.the.time, so you better not stop for that construction when she’s in her car seat or she’ll start crying! Strangely enough, this same baby falls asleep driving over pot holes and gravel. Weirdo.

4. Similar to woman’s clothing, sizing in baby clothing differs with each brand. Some newborn sizes are really short in length and wide in the torso (bad), while others are longer in the torso while trimmer width wise (with lots of stretch for growing bellies) (good). There are still newborn items that don’t fit her around her torso but that strain on her shoulders just to get the snaps done up over her diaper. Carters (Bonnie Togs) items are fantastic.

5. Huggies diapers suck. Maybe it’s just her shape or they way she sleeps, but she is always leaking pee out the side of any Huggies diapers I’ve tried on her. She even peed on my lap one time while sitting upright being burped.

6. Sleep when she sleeps. Seriously. I heard this so many times and I have yet to take a nap during the day. It can be so difficult to do it when there’s stuff to be done (or a great show on TV), but it’s gonna feel so nice to get caught up on some sleep. I’ll take my own advice sometime soon.

7. Some babies with a sore, crampy tummy and gas will not like any kind of gripe water or Ovol. She will projectile spit it back at me and screw up her face. I don’t blame her though. The original and alcohol free gripe waters smell like pickle juice and black licorice, respectively. Yuck.

8. The one time your baby sleeps 4 straight hours at night instead of 2.5-3, you will get up 3 times that extra hour to make sure she’s still breathing.

9. Setting a sleeping newborn down in her crib without waking her up is exceedingly difficult. Particularly if she likes to sleep on her side. If you can get them used to going down awake right from the start, do it. Even in the hospital she liked to be cuddled to sleep so it’s something we’ll have to slowly introduce with her.

10. When your days consist of breastfeeding, burping and cuddling, nothing is as rewarding as finding new little dimples as she gains weight, having her wrap her arm around you in a hug as you burp her, or having her smile up at you while you’re chatting at her (yes, I know it’s gas). Love.

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Enjoy your long weekend!

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Kaia said...

Hiya, thanks for your very informative post! Its great to hear your experience as a Mum..I am looking forward to the birth of our first child n will be visiting your site often for tips!


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