Thursday, September 16, 2010

99 days to Christmas


I did a scary thing today. 

I sat down and started planning our Christmas budget and gifts list; I also did some brainstorming about DIY gifts and made some plans for when to get a start on them.

Can you believe we are less that 100 days away from the big day?

Christmas 2010 is going to be extra special for our little family.  Not only is it Emily’s first Christmas, but the entire month of December is a month of celebration for us as it’s the month that Craig is coming HOME.  For good.  Spending the holidays together will be the best gift we get this year.

Craig made my job a little easier this year and picked up a few gifts for people while he was in a certain Middle Eastern country that cannot be named on his way home for leave – I’m sure they will love having something unique from another country, as well as a memento of Craig’s time over there.

Did I mention that my loving hubby picked a little something up for me too?  It was a combined anniversary/birthday/push present and it’s a beautiful diamond necklace and earrings.  I haven’t been wearing the earrings much as I’m afraid of losing one and I always forget to take it off before going to bed, but I’ve been wearing the necklace non-stop since he left, and Emily has taken to grabbing on to it while I’m feeding her or when she’s snuggling my neck. 

Anyways, back to planning for Christmas.  I’ve been collecting ideas for handmade/homemade gifts for family and friends, and soon I’ll start featuring some of the projects I’m working on and ideas for how to bring it all together to make great gifts for giving.

I hear a baby waking up, so I’m going to go make some hot chocolate and enjoy some cuddles with my girl.  Enjoy the fall weather!

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Lucy Marie said...

I can't believe Christmas is only 99 days away!! I get so excited so early. Can't wait.


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