Thursday, July 1, 2010

38: 8 months

belly 8 mos 2 Today we are 8 months!  It's only 38 days until her due date, and time is FLYING!


We're still holding in at around 5lbs and 18 inches give or take (according to, and we're definitely running out of room!  It seems that lately she has taken to using my ribs to brace her feet and stretching her legs out so her bum pushes out right above my belly button.  Ouch!  I mean I'm glad she's getting some exercise in there and getting used to moving her little body, but she can’t keep using her mama as her Pilates reformer.

The baby is head down and has been since around 23 weeks.  I've got a midwife with some magic fingers; she's always able to figure out how the baby is lying, and she guides my hands there so that I can feel it too.  It seemed to me like she has an abnormally large head, but that may just be my bias as the one who's got to push it out of me!

Supposedly babies are supposed to start slowing down in their movements as they reach the later weeks, due to the fact that they are running out of room, however no one seems to have told her that!  She still shifts and stretches all over CONSTANTLY throughout the day, and she's even started to get a little active when I'm lying down in bed at night, which is a new thing for her.

It is hard to believe that in two and a half weeks she’ll be considered full term (37 weeks)!  She’s definitely not allowed to come then as her Daddy won’t be home yet, but it is nice to anticipate the end of this journey!  I have LOVED being pregnant so far (though I’ll admit that I’ve had it really easy) and I’m not necessarily wishing it over, but I am just bursting with the anticipation of actually meeting her.  She seems to have such a little personality in there (stubborn like her Dad of course!).

belly 8 mos 1 She’d almost fit in this newborn onesie if my belly is any indication!


My body is still changing and shifting.  It still amazes me that there is a little person inside of there; my measurements have been right on, so I know that she's an appropriate size, however it seems to me that my belly can't possibly hold a baby that size – it’s definitely surreal.  As much as it seems like she lounges around in there all stretched out, I'm sure she must actually be pretty curled up to fit in there.  If we hadn't of had the ultrasound to tell us the sex of the baby, I would definitely be thinking it was a boy just because of the shape of my belly.   We’re now at 43” around at my belly button, up another inch from last month; the fundal height of my uterus is right on track again (was 33cm at 33weeks) so I think the last time it must have just been because of having a different person measuring.

Weight gain is still mostly on track.  I'm a little bit behind where I should be, however I'm now gaining about a pound a week, so I'll probably be around 15-18 lbs gained by the end of it.   I was shopping with a friend today and browsing in the NON maternity stores, and it was so hard not to purchase some of the cute items I saw.  I have no idea yet what my body will look like after this is all said and done, so it would be dangerous to buy my old sizes.

Stretch marks still haven't made an appearance anywhere, but I've been checking the lower half of my abdomen daily lately (a challenge) and I think I will probably cry when they do show up just because we are so close to the end and I feel like I’m on the home stretch (no pun intended).  I know they are a 'badge of motherhood' and something I can forever wear to show that I have given birth to our beautiful girl, however I'd much rather just have my girl around as a sign of the pregnancy and labour thankyouverymuch!  I'll let you know what happens regardless.  Maybe not with pictures though.

I've taken my rings off now, and I'm starting to notice that my shoes are feeling a lot tighter in the evening then they were when I put them on in the morning.  I'm crossing my fingers and praying that I don't get too much more swelling.  One other negative about having taken my rings off, is that I am almost positive that when people see me walking around they think I’m some unwed teen mom.  I need to find a fake ring pronto!

With the labour and delivery class completed, I’ve started looking more into the practical side of labour.  I’ve been doing a LOT of reading about natural childbirth and breathing and relaxation techniques, but I haven’t spent as much time looking at how my body will physically birth her and how my body will need to recover afterwards. 

One article I found helpful (and somewhat frightening) recently was this “Crotch Care 101” article on The Bump.   It talks about managing the care of stitches, swelling, and ‘other stuff’; the comments are probably the most frightening part.

Another article that was helpful was “All About the Third Trimester” from FitPregnancy.  Even though I’m already halfway through the third trimester (29-40 weeks) there were some things discussed that I have not yet experienced (and will be joyful if I never do!) as well as some exercise and preparation tips that were helpful.

belly 8 mos


Craig has been doing well.  It is getting ever hotter over there, and he's still adjusting to the constant smell (think: poo ponds) in KAF.  He's been taking pictures daily and keeping a journal of what he sees and does, so that he can share it with us (me and eventually our girl) when he returns and OPSEC (and wifely worry) is no longer applicable.
I’ve been trying to send up weekly updates about my belly and the pregnancy, as well as any articles I find detailing labour and delivery (such as that crotch one above!) and the first few weeks with a newborn, but I know it is still going to be a SHOCK for him to come home from his time over there (for what is his ‘vacation’, sorry honey!) and have to sharply transition to supporting me during our time at the hospital and to the BIG job of Daddy at home.  Luckily, I think he’s been pretty busy over there, so he hasn’t had much time for nerves about what is to come; he (unfortunately) has bigger problems and obstacles on his plate then the thought of sleepless nights and diaper changes.  As well, those sleepless nights are spent in his own bed here in Canada, so it might still be an improvement!

CIMG0215 I LOVE this photo of him.  His eyes are kind of closed (from the exposure of the photo I’d say it was pretty bright out there, so it’s probably more of a squint), but it still sets my heart a flutter seeing him.  I just counted it up, and it has been 87 days since I last saw him in person – we’ll get through this tour just fine, and be better for it on the other side, but that is just way to long to go without seeing your spouse.  No more deployments please.


This last photo was too cute not to post.  I was trying to get the photo of my belly lying down and when I looked at this one, you can clearly see how she was lying (ironically as described above).  She’s got her bum shoved out just above my belly button so it’s looking a little pointy!

belly 8 mos 3

She’s such a quick mover when she pushes her little feet out, so I’ve never before captured my belly’s changes with her movement.  It’s not super obvious, but what a keepsake!

Wishing the other pregnant mamas healthy, happy pregnancies! 


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