Monday, July 19, 2010

21: on nesting and other things

Lately, I’ve been falling more and more into that late pregnancy category of ‘nesting’ and finding myself anally cleaning something close to the floor or squatting down to re-sort something that is perfectly organized.  I am on a mission against dog hair (a losing battle with an aged husky) but am meanwhile attempting to take it easy and keep labour at bay until Craig gets home in a couple weeks.

With three weeks to go until her due date, we’ve reached the point where we are full term and this brings with it the added stress of worrying about when labour will begin.  I’ve been working hard at relaxation scripts and cues to help with a natural childbirth (I’ll post more on that later), but ultimately, I have very little control over WHEN she is born, other than attempting to naturally induce when the time is right.

An early arrival wouldn’t be the end of the world – Craig would simply get the entire 19 days of his leave to spend with his little girl instead of spending part of it in the waiting game with me.  I, however, would appreciate my hubby in the birthing room, ending out this process that we started together many, many months ago.  To this end, I am trying my hardest to ‘take it easy’ and not worry so much about the many TO DO’s still on the table, or the state of my house around me.  It’s a little hard to fight nature though!


Tonight was one of my ‘taking it easy’ nights, with very little cleaning or organizing, and a lot more relaxing and reflecting.

I made some homemade pizza (in the oven…not the best choice for these warm days, but so worth it!) using the Butter Yum pizza guide.  All of that kneading really made me wish for a bread machine or stand mixer, but it was great to do some really tactile cooking. 

pizza 1

With some spinach and tomato as toppings and a little garlic oil and salt on the crust, it was very filling and super YUM!

pizza 2

After dinner, I watched some TV then pulled out my laptop and started looking at labour and delivery videos.  It’s become kind of an obsession.  I don’t know if it’s preparing or scaring me for labour, but I definitely have a very acute idea of what happens down there during labour!

Finally, I lay down on the couch, put on one of the relaxation tracks on my laptop, and closed my eyes.  I have found the Mindful Mamma tracks to be FANTASTIC (although yet to be tested during childbirth) and find myself very relaxed after completing them.  Quite a few times I have seemingly fallen asleep during them, although I wake up as soon as they are finished, and supposedly this means that my subconscious has taken over and I am simply ‘coming back to awareness’.   If you would like to check out the Mindful Mamma tracks, visit their UK site here.  The tracks were $9-10 Canadian to download, and you get 4 tracks.


I am now sipping on a smoothie and getting ready for bed.  I hope everyone else enjoyed their evenings!


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ButterYum said...

What a treat to stumble upon your blog and see you not only liked my pizza tips, but you posted a link to my blog. Thank you so much!

Given the date of this post, you have hopefully given birth by now. I hope all is well, and that you are enjoying your new little blessing.



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