Wednesday, June 30, 2010

40: baby album

I mentioned before that I would like to do my 365 baby album, however I think it would also be really nice to have one of the more traditional baby albums that have our predictions, special moments, and footprints recorded in it.


Back when Craig and I got married, someone gave us a Creative Memories album and kit for us to scrapbook our photos.  I ended up using to create our album, so I still had the unused album sitting on our shelf. 

baby album 2

The papers and stickers are part of the “I Do!” max kit, and although some of the stickers are too wedding related, a lot of them are just about love and new beginnings, so I think they’ll work really well for a baby album.

baby album 1

Next, I used the template that Young House Love posted a few weeks ago, tweaking it with what we’d like to remember about the first year (Daddy’s homecoming, Christmas, first family vacation, etc.).

Baby Book Template

(Messed up a bit with my cutePDF writer…if you’d like a copy, please comment or email!)

The album has 12 double sided sleeves/pages, so I created the document to have 24 total pages to help me plan it out.

I’m not completely finished with the album yet as: a. it needs a baby girl to arrive and start growing! and b. I’ve ordered copies of the ultrasound and belly photos and have to pick them up from the lab tomorrow.   Our printer is crap and can only print in black at the moment, so it may take me a bit of time to get the pages printed out and arranged, but I’ve done the leg and computer work now so that all I have to do is print, cut and paste.  We have two more ‘pre-baby’ photo to take (that being the ‘going to the hospital’ photo and a photo of Craig and my belly), but otherwise the album will be ready and waiting for her arrival and all of her adorable details!

Here is the collage of belly photos that I made using Picasa.  This will be on the left hand page, and on the facing page will be the photo of Craig with the (large and in charge) 40 week belly.

Post Uploads 

I’ll update with some photos on Friday when I’ve gotten the album put together!

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