Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn Organization

As the temperature begins to drop (and snow begins to fall for us up here in Canada), I've got some great tips and links that can help you to organize your home and make the most of the transition between seasons.

1. Changeover your wardrobe. As you move your summer wardrobe out, and your winter garb in, look through your clothing for items that you no longer wear or favourite items that may be getting worn out. Thrift stores will be looking for winter clothing donations, so if you're able to let go of some of those old items, you'll be helping out those in need, and rewarding yourself with a more spacious and organized closet.

2. Containerize. This is also the time to be changing over your seasonal decorations from summer to fall, and it is a great time to create a storage system that works for your growing collection of decorations. Labelling storage totes according to the season can be the best way to ensure your decorations are easy to find and safe from moisture and crushing. Another great tip is to have a tote designated for all of that decor that you dress up or down with each season, and which look great all year round; put your candles and home craft supplies in this box as well so that you have a go-to box whenever you're looking to give something a new look.

3. Start preparing for Christmas. We will soon be less that 10 weeks from the Christmas season, and it's a good a time as any to begin budgeting for all of those purchases you'll be making, if you haven't already. It's easy enough to create a simple budget for all of the food, gifts, decorations and travelling you'll be doing, and if you base it off of last year's purchases, and add a little bit for inflation and surprises. Next week I'll be posting some handmade gifts you can get started on that will help stretch that budget in these difficult times.
4. Meal planning. There have been some great posts recently about creating a meal planning system that works for you. Post-Thanksgiving (that means tomorrow here in Canada!) there are always sales on the meats and accompaniments popular at Thanksgiving as they try to sell off their overstock, so start using up some of that stockpiled meat and canned goods to make room for the sales. Here is a list of other items that will be on discount during the month of October. Check out the Debt-Proof Living newsletter for other frugal tips!

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